Evan S. Sullivan

Evan has lived all his life in Northern Ontario, Canada, but has a passion for being other places in the company of people who share his taste in music. Halifax, Athens, and Queenstown NZ have been his favorite places to visit so far. He lives with his incredible wife Hailey and their dog Rayla who is secretly just several piles of fluff stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat.

Evan is a big fan of the first two Paper Mario games, as well as Hollow Knight and the Soulslike and Roguelike genres. He plays the piano entirely by ear, well enough to entertain himself but not nearly well enough to perform for an audience. He is also color blind, and is convinced that purple is something that people have been inventing this whole time just to mess with him. While he doesn't spend as much time reading as he used to, he's dying for a few of his favorite authors to publish their long-awaited next books.

Evan has been writing fantasy stories within a single fictional universe for well over a decade. The works you can purchase here are neither the first nor the last he has written, and he looks forward to expanding this world with more stories. He has been working for many years to overcome writers block that has been weighing on him since the publication and post-publication process of Deathless, and currently is dividing his creative energy between another inclusion in the Deathless anthology, and on another stand-alone novel that is set tangential to the events of these books. Keep coming back for updates, or follow him on social media to be kept in the loop.
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